We are STUDIO FAZI – a newly founded animation studio from Berlin and Potsdam. We create visual experiences in the form of animations, projections, music videos, festival trailers, advertising and short films. We do this with an experimental approach to develop new innovative visual languages that inspire and delight others.


Giulia Falciani was born in Florence and works as an animator in Berlin. In her work she plays with different materials and techniques in order to fully explore the possibilities of the medium “animation” and discover new possibilities for narrative. In her animated films she varies from traditional drawing on paper to digital drawing, from traditional stop motion with puppets to experimenting with materials and light. Her films have been shown at numerous national and international festivals. At the same time, she works with artists from various fields to create theater performances, music videos and documentaries.


Emilia Zieser was born in Berlin and studied animation at the Babelsberg Film University. Her willingness to experiment with the medium and love for the unexpected led her to various projects such as music videos, feature films, animation workshops and festival trailers. She has been working as an editor alongside her studies for over 3 years and is currently working on her first narrative Stop-Motion film.