Everything Finds Its Limits In Its Own Physics

How often do we wish we had another identity? Why do gestures and creativity differ in every individual? Can an iron wire perceive itself as something else or will it remain just an iron wire?

Directed and animated by Giulia Falciani, Sound Design by Lorenzo Fusi

MIMMOS 2022- Agualva, Portugal
NAFco 2022
Festival de noveux Cinema 2021- Paris, France
Fangofest Amposta 2021- amposta, Spain
Iconic Images Film Festival 2021- London, United Kingdom
Screen Power Film festival- London, United Kingdom
Stockholm City Film Festival 2021- Sweden
Sweden Film Awards 2021- Sweden
United Filmmakers 2021- München
DMOFF 2021- Canton, United States
PUFF Pop Up Film Festival- Montana, United States
Alibag Short Film Festival 2021
PUNE Short Film Festival 2021